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Distiller's Reserve

Distiller's Reserve

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We invite you to enjoy the exceptional taste and quality of our Distiller’s Reserve. Crafted, bottled, and labeled by hand, this premium spirit is distilled four times using locally sourced pure Hawaiian honey before it rests in a charred oak barrel with Hawaiian Kiawe wood. We use whiskey yeast in the distilling process which allows this spirit to take on the rich flavor and personality of whiskey. Smooth and distinct, our award-winning Distiller’s Reserve represents the passion and impeccable quality of 12th Hawaii Distiller. - LIMITED RELEASE


Tasting Notes

Nose Dignified notes of roasted macadamia nuts and salted caramel.

Palate Robust, full flavor profile with undertones of vanilla and toffee. Aged in charred oak barrels, allowing for a subtle, smokey flavor.

Finish Distinct and smooth.



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